In our fast paced lives, we do not have much time to spend on cooking. But as all of us want to eat tasty dinner after a long day at work, you require some magic in your hands to finish your cutting and chopping in a jiffy. All this can be achieved if you buy Ninja Mega. It can work as a thorough professional, and is capable of handling different kitchen needs with ease. It can be a great company in your vacation home, where your family will enjoy the food that you eat. 

You can purchase the product from If you are worried about the unpacking of the product, and then getting to use it successfully, then do not worry. Although this product has lots of fixtures and accessories, but the unpacking will not be cumbersome. The packaging also includes a user manual, which can help you get started quickly. There is a small guide, which contains around 28 recipes that can be prepared easily using this product. 

For the people on the go, this food bender has the option of making smoothies for a single serving. A dedicated pulse button is there, which you have to continuously press down so that the smoothie is blended properly. The containers of the food processor have no square edges, and have been ergonomically designed so that no food gets caught at the corners. 

The Ninja knows its job very well, and does it properly too. As the food processor comes with 1500 watts, the processor has magnificent power, and it can blend perfectly, at no time at all. It can easily pulverize whatever you want, but it can lend a softer touch too, if you require so. The mini prep container that can be fixed inside the larger blender, along with the dough maker are some of the features that you will find helpful in your everyday cooking. 

Although Ninja has many food processor models, but when you buy Ninja Mega, the first difference that you will notice is the different base along with many other improvements. The base of the new processor has suction cups, that you can lock in your counter top with the help of a small lever. This is a helpful feature as this will help your food processor to stay in place. If you prefer to have a smoothie in the morning, or your kids love them, then the single serve blender is of great use. You can easily blend a single serving of smoothie without the requirement of using the large blender. This also helps in reducing your cleaning time also. 

The food processor is capable of doing several jobs, although it does not have a few of the special accessories. But the best part is that you can purchase extra attachments online from . The added advantage of this blender is that the price of this is quite less compared to some of the other blenders available in the market. The cleaning part is quite easy and you can even put them in the dishwasher. 


Ninja is a popular household brand. Apart from kitchen appliances, they also provide cleaning solutions. They started their operations more than 100 years back in Europe, and now they are settled in Massachusetts.