San Francisco, CA - In a world surrounded by depression, and other mental illnesses, it can be extremely difficult to find the good things in life. That is why positive thinking is such an important part of living. With a few simple techniques, a day can go from being the worst ever experienced, to something that is easier to tolerate — it may not be an amazing day, but it can be turned into a better one!

Negativity is spreading around the world like a disease. With how wide-spread depression is, the most used remedy has been to take pills to try and counteract it. What if there was a way to become a happier person without having to take medication every day? What if all you had to do was change your frame of mind?

It’s easier than one might think. Yes, there’s the phrase “it’s easier said than done,” but this is merely an excuse to not try. With practice, negative thoughts can be removed from life like they are nothing but garbage being taken out to the curb for pickup. It’s impossible to be rid of ever having negative thoughts again, but there are ways to lessen the amount — and those that are unavoidable can be changed into positive thinking.

It can be difficult knowing where to start when it’s easier to remain a negative individual. That’s why Know It Express ’ book, " Positive Thinking Express ," is so handy. It explains that it can be a difficult process but explains how to start in a simple way. Following the steps given are definitely not “easier said than done,” in this case. Once the process is locked into everyday life, it will be wonder how it wasn’t included in the life style to begin with!

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