USA — Nobody wants to be in any extreme situation and wants to protect his/her family from all possible dangers. Nonetheless, if the unthinkable does occur, it is important to be prepared and the Family Survival Course is an excellent guide to achieve this preparedness. This is an eBook authored by an ex-military person and provides information on how to protect your family in case of an emergency or natural disaster. The guide is practical and must be used to face any challenges you come across while striving to become self-sufficient.

The book is aimed for any individual who understands the urgent need of being prepared to survive in unexpected situations. The program provides all the things that are necessary to protect your family members in such scenarios while helping you to survive in the longer term. Since its release in June 2012, the book has been widely purchased by people who want to protect their families from unforeseen circumstances. The entire book comprises two hundred seventy nine pages, which provide various shorter chapters, such as homemade food and natural remedies, seasonal survival, medical emergency survival, survive any disaster and no stress during the crisis among others. The entire booklet aims to help people deal with all things in an emergency, such as planning, storage of food products, and self-defense weapons that are useful around the homes.

The Family Survival Course focuses on five important topics, which include food, water, energy, self-defense, and herbal medications.  The guide provides some simple homemade remedies that can treat common illnesses, which helps you save money on medicines and physicians. Moreover, the author provides his personal experiences discussing his errors that can be avoided by other people while striving towards preparing their families to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

The book by Jason Richards offers tips on how to feed your family without the need to shop at the supermarket. Moreover, you will be able to learn on ways to clean the water in your surroundings to ensure your body receives the necessary minerals. You will also learn excellent ways that help conserve energy. Users can also use the natural herbs to treat injuries and cure some common sicknesses. An important detail provided in this eBook is the forty-four vital food products that you need to store in your homes to enable your family to survive during a natural calamity.

Some of the users offering Family Survival Course review are unhappy with the length of the book that is several hundred pages. Many readers feel that they need to read the entire guide to learn and maximize from the advice being offered in the book. However, majority of the users who have purchased this online book at are satisfied with the information provided and have found the tips to be simple to follow while dealing with unforeseen situations. Several users would have liked a printed format of this book that allows them to carry it wherever needed. Despite the minor drawbacks, the book is popular and comprises reliable information that can help you be prepared while facing calamities.

About the Family Survival Course

Authored by ex-military man Jason Richards , the book contains important information on adopting different methods to survive any emergency. The Family Survival Course provides beneficial information on important foods to store, using natural remedies for common illnesses, storing energy, and using water to survive in an unforeseen event.

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