Planning a funeral service is easy with Bella Vida Funeral Home of Boise, Idaho. We are here to help you through every detail of the service. Whether you want a simple and dignified cremation or a formal burial service, we can help you make the arrangements that best fit your desires. The first step is to contact the Bella Vida Funeral Director, Mike Madson.

 When you meet with Mike, you will begin by selecting the type of funeral service you desire. This includes decisions on a burial or cremation service, viewings, locations, church services, and any religious considerations or special requests. You can also designate the next of kin and other contacts who may be involved in the funeral arrangements.

You will also be able to select a casket, urn, headstone, and other items you may want for the funeral and disposition. Every detail, including flower arrangements, clothing, obituary, etc can be pre-arranged or assigned to a loved one. At Bella Vida Funeral Home, we promise to provide quality and affordable services that family and friends will fondly remember.

You will receive the highest degree of care, and you will never be overcharged. Our cremations services start as low as $695, and our burial start at $1395. The Bella Vida Memorial Hall is a reception space that can be arranged any way you like. Whether you prefer a traditional setting or an intimate family gathering, we will help you create a memorial service that uniquely celebrates you or your loved one’s life. For more information, simply visit: