Smart Phones are literally becoming the digital hand for all modern people who get used with the latest technology. Though! People offers such importance to their electronic gadget in this life, if it gets repaired many doesn’t opt for quality repair parts. The majority of the people prefer non-quality spare parts on considering this cheap price. However, the online wholesale smart phone repair parts Ogodeal LLC offers quality spare parts for all top branded mobile phones like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG and many more. In fact, they are the trustable and legitimate apple parts supplier in the online market.

“We specialize in wholesale parts with iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Lenovo, HTC and much more. We have our own Professional screen factory and strict quality control.” The founder and CEO of the Ogodeal LLC exclaim about the services offered by Ogodeal in Smartphone’s repair parts.

Unlike normal iPhone parts wholesale sellers, the Ogodeal LLC offers 180 days warranty for all their iPhone parts that includes for iPad parts and iPhone 7 parts too. In addition, they do have affordable shipping charges which can be acceptable by all. Being a wholesale seller in online, they manage to sell their parts at factory direct out price which means price tags of the spare parts from Ogodeal LLC would be must lower when compared with all other sellers in online and as well as in traditional stores.

In terms of expressing the quality of the spare parts shipped from Ogodeal LLC, the founder and CEO says “Each and every items including the small flex and batteries too will be tested one by one before getting shipped to the customers in order to ensure that no dead spots and dust in it.” The words of the CEO clearly convey that the products purchased from the Ogodeal LLC went for the double QC check after passing the factory QC tests.

About Ogodeal LLC

Ogodeal LLC, one of the leading wholesale Smartphone’s repair parts, repairs tools and all kinds of latest accessories seller in online, from China. They are famous for selling quality parts for all iPhone models. They have their own factory for manufacturing screens for the leading branded smart phone models.

The online portal of the Ogodeal LLC offers its customers to create a free account and allows them to purchase all products listed in their official sites. With the assured quality on the products sold in Ogodeal LLC, they managed to grab lots of people’s attentions all over the world along with getting high number of reputation and positive reviews.

To know more about their services and repair parts which they sell, visit their official portal

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