28 August, 2014: Expert educators say that students of politics should jump on the chance to book school tours to Berlin’s ‘Lichtgrenze’ installation, which looks back on 25 years since the tumultuous fall of the Berlin Wall. 

The 8,000 illuminated balloons line up along the barrier that separated East and West Germany for 30 years. This remarkable reflection on the wall, combined with the other events marking its fall, coincides with the British German Royal Heritage route that celebrates 300 years of German and British royal bonding and the centenary of WW1. There is simply no better year for students on school tours, especially those from Britain, to understand how German politics is looking ahead by looking back on its past, say experts from top school travel companies. 

Looking forward, looking back In a Year of Mixed German Commemorations 

Funded by nearly 2 million pounds worth of lottery money, the spectacular light installation is a celebration of freedom and democracy in a year of mixed reflection for the German nation. Just as the people look back on 25 years since the fall of division and communism, they also look back on a centenary since Germany went to war with much of Europe. The Great War has always been a difficult issue to face here, but the muted remembrance of lives lost combines with the anniversary of the birth of a modern, progressive and united Germany, to create a unique time of political and social reflection. 

Berliners and visitors can also look forward to numerous events that will explore the changing face of Germany since that momentous day when the wall was torn down. Educators say that students on school tours could not choose a more interesting time to consider the long-view of Germany’s political development. This is particularly true for British students, who can enjoy a cross-country Heritage Route set up exclusively to explore the royal connection between the two cultures through the Hanoverian house. 

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