10, June 2016: Cardiff, United Kingdom - Cardiff, United Kingdom - It can often take some time to locate a trusted builder. In the beautiful city of Cardiff, there's one name that always gets recommended. Berriman Roofing & Construction is a family business that has been going strong for over 35 years.


They offer a variety of building, roofing and landscaping services. But, what makes them such a successful service provider? And why do the good people of Cardiff entrust them with their building projects?

Roofing Services

Berriman Roofing are specialist roofers in Cardiff and the South Wales area. Their vast expertise makes them the ideal choice for homeowners that need roof repairs. Not only do they fix roofs, but they also install brand new ones too. Berriman works with the UK's top new home builders to provide high-quality roofing.

They are also available for new roof installation on existing homes too. The firm can even repair or install flat roofs as well.

Building Renovations and Home Improvements

Berrimans Building Renovations can work with homeowners on a variety of renovation projects. From standard residential homes to period grade-listed properties. They can offer a fully managed solution while maintaining historical and architectural beauty.

Their expertise extends beyond the construction phases. Berrimans also offer a planning service and can liaise with local authorities when needed.

New Build Properties

If a project involves building a new home from scratch, Berrimans can help. They have the skills and experience to design and construct new build homes to high standards. For over 35 years, they have offered construction services in Cardiff and South Wales.

The fact they are an established firm for such a long period speaks volumes alone! The beauty of working with Berriman Roofing & Construction is that they take on all bespoke work. That means clients can specify their own unique styles for their new homes.

Loft Conversions

The loft is a part of all houses that seldom gets used for anything other than storage. If one's home has a loft with a large and tall enough space, it can get converted into a room. Some homeowners create extra bedrooms while others seek an extra bathroom in their homes.

Berriman Roofing & Construction works closely with local authority planning departments. Doing so ensures that both their clients and local councils are happy with the work at various stages.

The result? A loft conversion that is contemporary, long-lasting and adds significant value to one's home!

Garden Landscaping

Berriman Roofing & Construction aren't just skilled at building things and installing roofs. They also have considerable expertise with landscaping too! The firm can help any homeowner breathe new life into their outdoor spaces.

About Berriman Roofing & Construction

Berriman Roofing & Construction are a building and landscaping business based in Cardiff. With over 35 years of experience, the family firm is the go-to provider in South Wales.

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Person Name: Matthew Berriman
Company: Berriman Roofing & Construction Ltd
Address: 8 Cherry Close
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, CF5 3RQ
Phone: +44 (0)7944 737401
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Website: http://www.berriman-construction.co.uk