16, December 2015: A teenage boy’s world is a dynamic, unpredictable place. The period of teenage is the most energetic periods, filled with kinds of fantastic ideas. They usually have a wide range of interests and burning desires to explore the unknown. The new vehicle M3 electric drift hover board from Airwheel has provided a platform for the teenage boys to show their imagination, and at the same time, to guarantee the comfy and smooth riding.


Just it has been mentioned that the M3 electric drift hover board has provided a platform for the teenage boys to show their imagination, as the optional and customizable DIY pattern gives full play to their creation and imagination. Nothing is impossible. Though the changeable board and the appearance is an important feature of electric air board M3, its high quality will ensure a safe and smooth riding.


Being high elastic and shock absorption, it can be flexible. With the TPU material damper mass, its physical performance is good and has strong anti-tensile strength. It is adopted the customized tires into M3 maple electric skateboard with such features as skid proof, strong grip effect, wide tire design, which is suitable for the whole road conditions.

The magnetic levitation motor adopted in M3 self-balancing air board not only brings more powerful output power with the top speed of 20km per hour and more than 15°climbing degree, but also makes it ulta-quiet with 1000 turns by leaving out bearing and reducing friction. With the 2.4G handheld wireless remote control, you can control to go back or forth. It is time to let your hands control your own directions instead of pursuing of speed in online game world with hands.

Airwheel M3 wireless remote control skateboard can make teenage boys lead a more brilliant life.

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