The sudden death of a close loved one or family member due to an accident can be shocking and traumatic. In the trying time that follows, it can be difficult for individuals to cope with the facts of their loved one's death. When another party is at fault in a death, it may not always qualify for criminal penalties. In those situations, the best recourse is a civil wrongful death suit. In the near future, Welland residents will have new access to legal services in the civil arena. A leading personal injury lawyer Welland firm will be opening offices in the city soon.

In a negligent, drunk driver on Queen Elizabeth Way strikes and kills a pedestrian, the family of that individual can claim wrongful death on their behalf. In order for Welland families to take advantage of this legal option, they must seek legal aid as soon as possible. Deadlines for court filings must be met. The new firm pledges to the residents of the city that it will act with all timeliness and due diligence expected of a leading firm. No one deserves to be left out in the cold without a way to seek justice for their loved one's wrongful death.

With years of experience in the field of personal injury law across Canada, this premier firm is proud to be opening its new offices in Welland. The partners will be offering counsel and trial representation in the areas of wrongful death, injury on the job, pet and animal attacks, slip and fall injuries, as well as car and bike accidents. Clients can expect a top level of service provided by lawyers dedicated to winning their case and improving their lives. With an eye towards re-balancing the justice system in favor of the victims, the firm will be accepting cases soon.

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