18, July 2015: The wide range of company products all over the world are getting the benefits of the welding services one way or the other. Then there are metal tools that are made with the extensive use of the welding machines. Now with the gradual development of technology, the making of the automatic welding equipment has also started. Because of the changing processes in the welding process, there are different welding machines that are being built on the different parts of the countries. Then there are the other welding related tools such as welding positioner and welding plate that are also being required as of top quality.

When it comes to the best quality, the Chinese companies are seen to be offering the promised quality. Among these companies, Soho has come up as the best one in China. Offering wide range of welding machines and tools, Soho has already acquired a global identity as well as reputation.

So far the welding positioners are concerned, there are different types of welding positioners that are available in the site. The buyers can select from the fixed welding positioner, headstock and tailstock welding positioner, WP 2 tons welding rotary positioned, WP 1 pipe welding positioner and many more. According to the size of the welding materials the welding positioners are used.

On the other hand, Soho offers the wide range of welding plates also. According to the products these plates are chosen. For the different plates the welding machines should also be different. On one hand there are the Gentry type CNC wearing plate welding machine, on the other hand there are the wear resistant pipe welding machine. Be it the abrasion resistant plates or the wear plates and the composite wear resistant steep plates, the variations are large. The same is in case of the Soho welding machines.

On one hand there are the four axis CNC plate rolling machines, on the other hand there are the single head automatic girth welding machines. Then there are the automatic rotary torch welding machines as well. All these machines are having the strong motors that make them stand outs from the rest of the machines.

About Jiangsu Soho International Group Wuxi Co. Ltd:

Jiangsu Soho International Group Wuxi Co. Ltd happens to vbe one company with the best options for the welding machines and plates. Mainly based on China this company offers the welding postioners as well as the welding plates of the best quality.

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