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No self-respecting Hollywood Sci-fi movie is complete without electro-mechanical micro gadgets and devices. While some of these are pure fiction, most have their basis in real devices produced by companies such as EcoloCap Solutions Inc. and K-MBT Inc.

EcoloCap Solutions Inc. and its sister concern K-MBT Inc., produce micro devices that incorporate advanced nanotechnology. They also manufacture alternative energy products.

Market researchers at Damngoodpennypicks.com, point out that over 75 Million shares of ECOS were traded in the last three days alone. The ECOS Penny Stocks To Buy has gained over 1020% and why not? The company has some of the best and most talented minds working for them producing products in the field on alternate fuels and nanotechnology devices.

Another top Penny Pick is: EVCARCO INCORPORATED (OTC: EVCA)

Ever since they were established, EVCARCO, Inc has been stoically setting up environmentally friendly dealerships for its environmentally friendly products. Year on year, EVCARCO Inc has been producing some of the most advanced clean technology products including alternative fuel vehicles.

As of September 30, 2011, the company has reported impressive cumulative gross revenues of $2,208,948.00. These revenues were primarily derived from sales of pre-owned vehicles, environmentally friendly EV charging stations and new electric cars.

Market researchers at Damngoodpennypicks.com are particularly excited about the MOU signed between EVCARCO Inc and HFX Laboratories Inc. The two will be engaged in developing, testing and selling of the HFX4 Hydrogen Hybrid Combustion/Fuel Enhancement Systems. HFX4 is a revolutionary new system that enhances fuel utilization and reduces carbon emissions to almost negligible levels.

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EGPI Firecreek, Inc.’s expertise is oil and natural gas. It conducts detailed study and analysis of existing oil and gas companies and then acquires them. It is also involved in rehabilitation of promising oil and gas producing wells.

Market researchers at Damngoodpennypicks.com are excited because the company is planning to expand into alternative energy sources. Towards this end, we have found out that EGPI Firecreek Inc has acquired at 51% interest in Arctic Solar Engineering a leader in innovation of highly efficient Solar cells.

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