Three time National Best Selling Author Robert Vitelli has just signed a publishing deal with Accelerated Publishing to pen his next book entitled “How To Be A BIG Money Celebrity In YOUR Industry… Almost Overnight! 

Robert Vitelli is best known for his first three books “Fight For Your Dreams” with Motivational Master Les Brown, “Pushing To The Front” with success expert Brian Tracy and Robert’s latest book “Leading The Field”. 

Robert has also been featured in True Wealth Magazine, USA Today, CBS Money Watch, FOX, NBC, ABC as well as many other major media outlets. 

Robert also delivers inspirational live presentations for various organization and entrepreneurial audiences around the world. As a leading authority on Direct Response Marketing, Breakthrough Sales Presentation Techniques and Leadership, Robert is a world-class speaker who understands the dynamics & desired outcomes of live events. 

Robert’s dramatic and entertaining story telling skills combined with his unique ability to connect intimately with an audience and speak directly to their most common subconscious needs is beyond extraordinary. No other speaker will move your audience as Robert can, and yet Robert brilliantly, generously and intentionally uplifts the entire experience, by consciously giving credit to the brilliance of speakers who have also addressed the audience with him. 

Robert’s new book “How To Be A Big Money Celebrity” focuses on immediately creating larger bottom line profits by increasing your “Big Ticket” sales of products and services. 

With Robert’s “Unique” system and individual can immediately be positioned as the “Go To” Celebrity in their chosen field and command higher prices…even in the most struggling of economies. 

Robert also holds “Live” as well as Internet Presentations teaching his system to various business owners around the globe. 

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