China - For a batching controller of raw material, the task of selecting a batch Weighing Controller to automate the filling of bags or other containers can be daunting.

Computer has been helping manufacturers to select what are sometimes called Batch Weighing, Nett Weighing Transmitter or Multi-Head Weighing Transmitter for nearly 20 years.

Before contacting suppliers of Batch Weighing Transmitter, the first step is to clearly identify your batching need.

Target Weight of each container size? What volume in Litres of those sizes?

These decide the physical size of the batch weighing Machine. Bags per minute or tones per shift needed? What amount of overweight in Grams is acceptable?

These decide the number of weigh that could heads to meet production. Now, the technician from professional Weighing Transmitter supplier Shenzhen Zhuohe Instrumentation ( will introduce with people which factor people should take into consideration when they are choosing the Weighing Controller.

Largest piece size of the product

If the ratio between the number of pieces and the Target weight is low, a combination Weighing Controller may be needed, particularly if the cost per kilo is high. Feeder sizes are calculated on product piece size. For example, potatoes versus Kitty Litter vibrate into Weigh Bucket. This factor is so crucial.

Free flowing nature of the product to be Batch Weighed

This is a crucial element of a Batch Weighing installation, and decides if the product can be vibrated from a full hopper, a low level hopper, or needs to be conveyed to the Weigh bucket. Computer judges this based upon our experience.

Supplying product to the batch weighing Machine

There various options and these are selected to suit the product such as Overhead Bulker bins or bags, Elevating Conveyors which is also Belts or cleated modular belts, Vacuum transfer, Bucket Elevator and many others. Tipping bags manually is undesirable.

Filled container handling

An operator can present bags at 15 bpm, but faster operation requires automated handling or batching system. In that case, people should also prepare one set of the Weighing Controller with higher capacity.

If people want to get more information about the Weighing Controller, please do not hesitate to get contact with Shenzhen Zhuohe Instrumentation.

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