Bronx, New York; 25, December 2014: Unless the customer has inside knowledge of their real window treatments options they are bound to miss out on the various window treatments available can add much aesthetic appeal to a home with very little investment. Finding the best look for a home can be a trying time with lots of frustration and disappointment. 

“Too often we [Aggressive Glass] will have customers coming in with absolutely no knowledge of what they want. Ultimately, the decision comes down to one of three choices: privacy, light or a combination of the two,” said Scott Tabankin, owner of Aggressive Glass. 

Window treatment options outside of these three choices vary, but the amount of space available in a room is also a main element to consider when finding the perfect treatment. Those who have lots of space will certainly benefit from natural light. 

“Semi-sheer is ideal for natural lighting and allowing the sun to come through while still providing a degree of privacy to the homeowner. This, coupled with a touch of the perfect color shade changes the overall feel and look of a room,” said Tabankin. 

Those who prefer their privacy or are looking to spruce up a bathroom will find cellular shades to be the answer. More often considered as top-down/bottom-up shades, these still allow natural light into the room while giving the privacy a homeowner desires. 

“Draperies are an excellent choice for the bedroom. The varieties available mean customers can choose a heavier fabric for the best possible night’s sleep or a lighter fabric that will allow lots of ambient light,” said Tabankin. 

A final choice that many make are Roman Valances. One of the most utilitarian of all window treatments, can be used in many parts of a home. A simple tilt or turn of a handle means the light into a room can be quickly and easily changed to meet the specific needs of the individual. 

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