09, October 2015: Nowadays, as to urban dwellers, when it comes to traveling on the road, they are easily terrified by the terrible traffic within the city since they have gone through traffic jams for many times. What’s more, they are generally busy with work so they don’t have time to be wasted in traffic. Therefore, it is such a headache for them to go out. However, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter arises as a great solution for them.


Airwheel M3 electric skateboards is a transport powered by electricity and controlled by intelligent driving system. Small and light, this innovative transport is very portable and convenient. Riders can easily take this vehicle to any place they want to go. Apart from that, due to its small size, it can go through the traffic crowds at ease and avoid being stuck in the terrible traffic jams. Besides, due to the durable tires that Airwheelintelligent scooter adopts, it can travel across various terrains and go down stairs easily under all circumstances. As a result, if riders are in a hurry for work or other emergent things, they can take a shortcut if any so as to save time.


In addition, whether it is the single-wheeled scooter or two-wheeled scooter by Airwheel, it serves as not only a convenient transport but also an eco-friendly transport that can actually contribute to the urban environment. With electricity as its power source, it emits no exhaust and generates no noises during the ride. On that account, it will not leave any stress on the environment so that at least the air condition will be improved then.

Urban transportation plays an indispensible part in the life of city dwellers. In order to have a better life, consumers may as well have an Airwheel electric scooter rather than be stuck in the traffic jams.

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