The Spa on Rodeo recently announced that it will be open in time for a New Year’s Spa service. The relaxing treatment was designed to rejuvenate the client while adding a sense of tranquility and wellbeing to their normally hectic daily lives.

The New Year’s Beverly Hills spa day has been offered so people can get an extra bit of relaxation during the turbulent holiday season. Studies show that the holiday season can be a time of heightened stress and agitation. The Beverly Hills spa day is a perfect way to counter those elevated stress levels.

The Spa on Rodeo is appropriately located in the commercial center of Beverly Hills, conveniently positioned on the trendy Rodeo drive. The Rodeo drive location was chosen to create an easily accessible retreat in the heart of L.A. for those who need a getaway but who do not necessarily have the time for an extended vacation.

The Beverly Hills spa day( operates on a very core customer service oriented goal. They want their spa day in Beverly Hills to improve the overall condition of people’s lives. The spa day Beverly Hills believes in the healing properties of relaxation. Studies have shown that stress is one of the leading factors in ailments and illnesses. By reducing stress, one can greatly improve their overall well-being and systematically enhance their quality of life.

The Spa on Rodeo was founded by Dr. Pourziaee, who has a medical background and is a board certified ankle and foot surgeon. The doctor firmly believes that his service can have a major effect on the overall wellness of his clients. Through his vigorous medical training, he came to realize the inherent benefits of such a service. That was his initial catalyst for starting the business. The doctor encourages people to come in and try it for themselves, to see just how great an experience it truly is.

For more information please visit the website at or call us at 424.284.8040.

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