Peyton Berookim, MD, a board certified Gastroenterologist, advocatescolon cancer screening processes, which he says, can be a life-saving procedure. According to the doctor, it is critical to have regular checkups and screenings for colon cancer, because the point at which the affliction is spotted can have profound implications for the prognosis of the patient.

The Beverly Hills gastroenterologist( is widely renowned as a leader in the gastroenterological field. His practice has been cited as one of the preeminent digestive health practices in the country. Dr. Berookim has received extensive training and schooling in his field and is considered a top gastroenterological doctor. His range of expertise includes but is not limited to colon cancer prevention, esophagus cancer prevention, and stomach cancer prevention.

The Beverly Hills gastroenterologist has built a reputation on top quality patient care with an emphasis on making his patients feel comfortable and confident in his abilities and his fastidious attention to detail. His revolutionary approach places great emphasis on openly communicating with his patients and the patient’s team of doctors. Dr Berookim feels that only through collaboration and a strong team effort can one obtain the best possible outcomes to improve overall quality of life. As such, the Beverly Hills gastroenterologist encourages his patients to schedule a consultation to outline a preferred course of action that can become a goal that can be systematically worked towards.

One big component of the treatment is symptom relief. One of DrBerookim’s major concerns is allowing his patients to return to their normal daily routine, and not allowing their condition to interrupt their normal lives. The gastroenterologist Beverly Hillsfeels that by getting to the root of the problem, his patients can develop an effective plan for approaching the situation.

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