02, October 2015: In a press conference of the held yesterday in Los Angeles, California, Beverly Hills MD Lift & Firm revealed the true secrets of their skincare formula. “This is to affirm the unified claim of the Beverly Hills MD Lift & Firm Review writers, saying the true potency and effectiveness of this product,” said the company spokesperson.

Beverly Hills MD Lift & Firm, firstly, is using the so-called ‘QuSome Delivery System,’ a new scientific breakthrough that ensures deep penetration of the natural ingredients of this product. “With this newly advanced technology, our product can compete with other effective treatments, including Botox,” added the spokesperson.

With QuSome, the company further explained, there is no need to undergo with the painful and more expensive Botox. This skincare brand penetrates deeply, going to the cellular levels where the root causes of skin problems actually take place.

Secondly, Beverly Hills MD Lift & Firm contains natural wheat protein. This natural component, along with other natural moisturizers, boosters, and antioxidants, can bring back skin moisture, hydration, elasticity and suppleness.

Meanwhile, there are already users who have had testified their happiness and satisfaction with this brand of skincare formula. According to Robin Matthews, 47, “The product really works! I have used it for a short time and have seen amazing results. I can’t believe how many years younger I look (today)!”

Not just Matthews had written such Beverly Hills MD Review, but there are already hundreds of posted testimonials in the Internet. “This simply indicates that what we are doing pleases a lot of women”.

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