ABC Pharmacy of Beverly Hills is a community-based, family driven company who pride themselves on customer oriented service that puts the client at the heart of the operation. Their keys to success include customer-oriented service that is implemented to exceed customer expectation, ensuring that clients are left feeling completely satisfied. The team is led by Ellie Behrooznia and Erick Khaimoff, both Pharm Ds, who are highly educated, very experienced, and highly trained chemists and technicians. At the Beverly Hills pharmacy, they put customer experience first.

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, the pharmacy has decades of combined experience, which translates into a calming sense of reassurance for the clients who quickly come to realize that the Pharmacy in Beverly Hills( has their best interest in mind. Clients quickly realize that they have found a pharmacy that they can trust and that can consistently assure their needs are met. The Beverly Hills pharmacy is a fully-functional pharmacy with a full service approach that services Beverly Hills and all surrounding communities.

The Pharmacy Beverly Hillshas a comprehensive list of services that help differentiate them from the competition. Their keys to success include ensuring that a prescription is filled within 10 minutes. At the Beverly Hills pharmacy, they realize how valuable time is to their clients and the importance of delivering prescriptions in an expedient manner. Thus, they pride themselves on making sure that all prescriptions are met in a timeframe that exceeds expectations.

To ensure that their clients have complete access to the necessary resources, the Beverly Hills pharmacy offers free parking validation, so that clients don’t have to worry about finding extra money to pay for extraneous fees. Also, in further attempts to ensure that all clients’needs are met, the pharmacy in Beverly Hills now accepts all RX plans.

Please contact ABC pharmacy of Beverly Hills about all prescription needs at (310) 777-0052.

Media Contact:
Robert Richards
Company Name: ABC Pharmacy Of Beverly Hills
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone Number: 310 777 0052
Address: 9033 Wilshire Blvd., #102
State & City:   Beverly Hills Ca 90211