08 August, 2014: Beyoncé is one of the most popular celebrities today. A lot of fans and media people are following her on Instagram and on Twitter. They follow every move that she does with her baby, Blue Ivy Carter and her famous husband rapper Jay-Z. 

And because of her popularity, there will always be rumors that spread around. Recently, there has been a video that spread all over the internet. The video contains her and her husband with Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles. In this video, you will see that Solange beat up her brother-in-law Jay-Z while Beyoncé was staring at them. Many people were surprised when they watched it on YouTube and in other social media platforms. Though the video has no sounds, it led many people to jump into a conclusion that Jay-Z is having an affair and Solange was just protecting her older sister. As of today, the viral video has been removed on the internet. 

Rumors about the Divorce 

Despite of the removal of the said video, the affair rumors still rage on. According to a resource, the RnB singer and the rap star will end their marriage after they finish their On the Run concert series. (The resource came from a person who confirmed the TomKat divorce a few years back.) 

Of course, a lot of fans of the couple were sad when they heard the gossip. Because for them; these two powerhouse celebrities are match made in heaven. 

But the said rumor was ended when Beyoncé confirmed on Instagram that rumor is not true. She posted a family photo on her Instagram account to prove that the gossip is false. In her photo, you will see that the couple was holding Blue Ivy’s hands while strolling. And if you have watched their concert, you will see how sweet they are even if they have been together for 12 years. 

She even denied that she is having her second child with Jay-Z. To end the rumor of her pregnancy, she posted another photo on her Tumblr account. In this photo, you will see that she was holding a glass of wine. 

There will always be rumors between them and there is no doubt about it. But as long as you are still seeing them together and they haven’t confirmed any of those rumors or other rumors to come, you are guaranteed that they are still together. Truly, they are literally one of the most powerful couples today. 

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