Father’s Day Quotes

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai Actors Quotes:

Saumya Tandon:

My father lives in me, his values, his ideas, his beliefs, his compassion, even his faults. He is who I am and who I will be. I lost him many years ago, but I feel that he is breathing in me. He thought writing was my true calling in life, the happiest moment I shared with him was when my book 'Meri Bhavnaayen' was published. He felt so proud and I can never forget that hug I got from him. Every moment of my life I feel I am sharing with him and every day is Father's Day for me.

 Rohitash Gaud:

My dad is my first hero and I look up to him in every path of my life. Coming from a humble background, he instilled that hardwork in the long term will only bear success and I have followed just that. Now that I have two beautiful princesses in my life, I make sure I am their stepping stone to success.

Shubangi Atre:

Hailing from a small town, aspiring to become an actress was not so easy had it not been for my dad. He has been my pillar of strength and supported me in my decision of becoming an actress. Hence, I owe all my success to hi

Waaris Actor Quote:

Aarti Singh:

He is the most important person in my life. He always makes me feel like a princess and stands like this pillar of strength for the whole family.

Aditi Sharma:

Gangaa Actors Quotes:

I have always looked up to him. In fact I even aspired to be an amazing doctor like him.  He is that one person who has always been there for me, like a barrier shielding me from every obstacle I have faced in life. He has taught me to follow my heart, be kind and compassionate. Honestly I could come in this profession only because my dad trusted me and supported me in every possible way. He is such wonderful human being and I wish I could be half as good as him

Vishal Vashisht:

The best thing about my dad is his trust for me. I was in a dilemma when I was pursuing Chartered Accountancy as I felt that my innate interest was in acting. Eventually, I moved to Mumbai and started auditioning. Luckily I landed my first break soon and I credit my dad as he had the trust that his son would achieve if he has set his heart to it.

Yeh Hai Aagye Hum Actors Quotes:

Karan Kundra:

Being the youngest in my family, I have always been pampered by all since my childhood. Adding to that, I have an emotional mother and a super cool dad. I fondly call him a lion even. He never forces me to do anything and lets me make my decisions in life. But I know deep in my heart that when I fall down someday, he is there so I don’t have to worry.

Terence Lewis: My Dad is the Hero Archetype! As a kid I really respected him for being selfless and helping others always. As children we were very close to both our parents but as we grew up, the pressure of achieving and becoming successful left no time to really connect and talk. However after 20 years when I finally bought my apartment and had more time on my hands, one day we sat all night and I asked him how he was when he was a kid. What was his journey , his dreams his pain, his learnings, it was so amazing that he shared that with me and I realized how amazing and how fragile my dad is actually. He always showed us the hero side so that we never felt afraid.  We are a large family of 8 siblings so we have our regular monthly sessions where we discuss life over a glass of whisky on the rocks J

Sanvi Talwar:

They say that “A dad is a daughter’s first love” and I can’t agree more. No matter where I go in life, who I get married to, my dad will forever remain number one Man. I love him the most.

Amrita Rao:

I remember going horse riding with my dad at Mahalaxmi race course. He used to wake us up at 5Am & by 7am we would horse ride followed by breakfast at the club. I often recount those summer holidays fondly