Bharat Benz triggers a powerful change in Indian Trucking

BharatBenz completes 1 year on Indian roads

9 models launched, 52 dealerships operational, Industry-first features offered

Delivers on all its commitments

Drives the industry to provide customers with never-before offers


Chennai : Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd (DICV), a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG, today celebrates the completion of 1 year on Indian roads of its BharatBenz trucks. DICV launched the BharatBenz range of Heavy-duty trucks on 26 September 2012, at Mumbai.

Ever since the launch of its trucks, the promise of superior value to customers has been constantly delivered and BharatBenz has introduced industry-first value offers along with its trucks. This has not only led to renew the belief in Indian Trucking by our customers but has actually driven other players to follow us in offering new features and services than ever before. The end beneficiary of this change is the Indian trucker. BharatBenz is proud to have triggered such a positive change and will continue to do so in future.

As on date there are more than 5000 Medium & Heavy-duty BharatBenz trucks on Indian roads delivering superior value which customers have longed for over a long time.


Mr. Marc Llistosella, Managing Director & CEO said, “When we launched our brand and our trucks we stated clearly that we will deliver superior value to our customers and will also transform the Indian trucking industry. We are proud that we have already begun achieving this in such a short time, especially when the industry has been through one of its worst phases.

We will continue to deliver more value to our customers. We are also confident that the change that we have triggered in the industry will ensure that the Indian trucker will realize the potential in his hands which he had been missing in the past”.


The 4 Powers of BharatBenz makes the customer “Power Ahead”

The Power of Understanding:

From the beginning the focus of DICV was to ensure a thorough and continuous process of ‘Understanding’ the Indian customer and conditions. This philosophy is what puts BharatBenz ahead of others. BharatBenz takes lays a clear emphasis on his aspect and instills this as a culture in the entire organization. This has been the guiding light that has led to superior products and services


The Power of Excellence :

BharatBenz trucks have been crafted by keeping every possible requirement of Indian truckers. Breaking many myths related to power and efficiency of trucks, BharatBenz trucks offer finely-tuned engines of higher power and reliability that have also proved clearly more efficient in terms of fuel consumption than other comparable trucks in the Indian market.

All aggregates be it the Powertrain, Chassis, Cabin and other aspects related to Cabin ergonomics and comfort, driver-friendly features such ‘Distance-to-empty’ indicators, green band, unique and industry-first safety features such ‘engine-brake’, retractable seat-belts and a high-strength passenger cell, performance enhancing aspects such as unitized-injection and CDI engines, have made BharatBenz a superior and a reliable experience

The Power of Commitment:

Along with the launch of superior trucks BharatBenz has bolstered the customer experience with a host of services.


Finance & Insurance packages — Along with ‘BharatBenz Financial’ the branded Finance & Insurance package offered by Daimler’s in-house financial services company (Daimler Financial Services), DICV has tied-up with several banks & financial institutions making the experience of acquiring a BharatBenz a superlatively positive one.


Dealership facilities - A dealership network that already covers over 50 locations along the most important trucking routes also provide state-of-the-art facilities for sales & service. Sales Consulting provides the customer the right choice of trucks / finance / service packages. BharatBenz dealership also offers faster service with well-trained service personnel, advanced equipment and diagnostic processes.

Besides launching BharatBenz for the Indian market, DICV has also begun the export of its trucks under the brand FUSO to Asian and African markets. In alignment with Daimler Truck  Asian Business Model, the integration of strengths between DICV and MFTBC (Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation), Japan, has achieved the goal of making Daimler quality trucks for India under the brand “BharatBenz” and for other markets under the brand FUSO.


Export & Launch in Asian & African markets

The DICV manufactured “FUSO” trucks have already been exported and launched in SriLanka and Kenya and will be launched in Zambia, tomorrow, 27 September 2013.


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