A brand new Windows app has arrived to simplify BiB making for students, researchers and authors who wish to generate citations through application in easy and simple steps. The newfound BiB Maker ensures that a wonderful works cited sheet is built up easily, swiftly and practically, in no time at all.

At a time when ethical writing requirements are at a peak and there’s much hatred for plagiarism in the creative field, the Bib Maker software is certainly a welcome entrant. The application simplifies citation creation and makes it easy for users to put together bibliographies, thereby ensuring that works of others are acknowledged in the right note. And yes, since it is always advisable to form citations to backup works like book, projects and presentations, the usage of the program is surely entailed to become a favorite with users.

The application works through a simplified interface that holds all functions in a neat order placed categorically inside one, single window. It can be made to work either in the auto-fill mode or the manual mode, as desired. The program is lightweight too and even novices can use it with ease, thanks to the simple usage strictures that it poses. Express speed is yet another feather in its cap.

“We’ve enabled the app to generate bibliography in APA, Chicago and MLA formats”, says a spokesperson from the makers’ company. And that’s certainly good news for all those who need to generate citations in different formats.

For more info on the BiB Maker click here http://download.cnet.com/Free-BiB-Maker/3000-13572_4-76168609.html

About BiB Maker

BiB Maker is an application enabled to generate bibliography for building works cited list. The BiB Maker can be used in the auto-fill and/or the manual mode.

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