After more than twenty years, Big Apple Testing, a geotechnical company specializing in servicing the inspection and testing needs of real estate developers and builders in New York, today appears to be headed towards one of the top leading spots in the market. A major factor in this development is its strong focus on its fully functional laboratory dedicated solely to the testing and evaluation of concrete.


Understanding Concrete In Relation To Constructions


As most construction people know, concrete can be particularly inconstant and fickle. To ensure the consistent quality of concrete is used through out an entire project, each individual batch is tested before the actual pouring is done, to determine its strength rating. The architect or contractor on site can then sign off once the regulatory standards of durability and consistency are met.


A Strategic Move


What Big Apple Testing has done, (to improve its strong competitive edge in the market) is to organize a whole division of concrete technicians concentrating solely on the testing of concrete in their fully functional laboratory.


They utilize an ACI-certified equipment with the most advanced technological features. With the expertise of Big Apple’s highly-trained and seasoned field engineers, this testing hub conducts comprehensive and exhaustive concrete analysis for projects, big and small, simple and complex. Its capabilities cut across construction ventures involving airport runways, huge bridges, expansive roadways and long tunnels. Its testing results make sure the concrete used meets all regulatory specifications as defined by city and federal agencies.


They’re Fast-Moving


Big Apple Testing’s people move fast, from construction sites to the company lab, swiftly working with clients, evaluating the work for optimum safety and heightened longevity of structures. The full-service concrete laboratory is guaranteed to deliver results of chemical and physical investigations that are accurate, reliable and in compliance with the standards set by the American Concrete Institute.


While this company, (sometimes known as a New York Drilling company) is pretty focused on concrete testing, it sustains its wide popularity among construction circles with a complementary range of other capabilities to ably address construction needs. This includes soil and land testing and other subsurface investigations as in underground or underwater, infrastructure explorations, construction materials testing, boring installations, building analysis, well installations and monitoring, and over-all investigation and research involving construction-related issues and concerns. Big Apple Testing continues to hone its expertise in these fields. With the enthusiasm and determination they’ve demonstrated with each previous construction assignment, it will no doubt be at the topmost rank in the next few years. It’s higher management and staff have, after all, committed to meet the future competitive challenges with more vigor and panache.


Extra-Ordinary Client Service


Marketing experts say that great products won’t mean much if they come with sub-standard, poor servicing. Big Apple Testing knows this only too well. Reason enough for them to take the trust of their clients seriously. Whether the job is on-going or completed, they offer the same high quality of advisement and evaluation of every project.

Big Apple Testing  is getting stronger everyday with the support of New York’s leading architects and development outfits who have expressed their complete satisfaction with the jobs done for them by this company. Trust them with your construction needs and requirements. It won’t hurt to check them out.