This spring, celebrate with the BIG MAGIC family



National— With Makar Sankranti (Lohri) just around the corner, preparations for the grand festival are underway across the country. Both the young and the old are gearing up to compete in kite-flying competitions and families are gearing up to revel in the festivities.  


Going by its revamped tagline, ‘Chatpata Har Pal’, BIG MAGIC is set to add its own unique flavor to the festival.The flagship light entertainment family channel from the Reliance networks invites you to celebrate the Harvest Festival with your favorite casts.


Mark the beginning of spring with the BIG MAGIC family, from 7pm to 9pm this Tuesday, 14th January 2014. Go kite-flying with Mahi and Sagar at the International Kite Festival in Ahmedabad where the entire cast will be seen participating with gusto! Feel the culture and revel in the festivities of Uttarayan straight from Gujarat! Not to be left behind, little Raavi celebrates Lohri with pomp and magnificence. While the cast of Love Dosti Dua will be busy preparing special treat in the form of tradition Khichda marking the advent of this festival, the cast of Nadaniyaan will bring a smile to your faces in their own special way. BIG ka Magical Harvest undoubtedly has lined up a special visual treat for all its viewers across varied cultures.  


A family light entertainment channel, BIG MAGIC features an eclectic line-up of fun relationship dramas, hilarious comedic sitcoms, pulse-racing reality shows and weekend blockbuster movies.


Join BIG MAGIC for a fun-filled celebration from 7pm to 9pm

This Tuesday, 14th January 2014 only on BIG MAGIC




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