BIG MAGICs Raavi is all set to welcome a Bihari family


India has long been famed as a country rich in diversity. Across the sub-continent, India is a melting-pot of cultures meshed together with different communities crossing state borders. In every corner of the country, one will find societies created out of a myriad of cultures, religions and castes where people live together peacefully.


India is a place where people are defined by their traditions; where they are similar to their counterparts, yet at the same time, different. For example, people across the country will celebrate the same festival but under different names with different rituals. Makar Sakranti is celebrated in Gujarat and Maharashtra but as one travels north, Lohri is celebrated. Where you are born and where you grew up will shape our identity. Every 10 kms you walk in India, the language changes, the societies change, the traditions change.


Across the country, families choose to move to new villages to new states to start a new life for themselves. New communities are formed every day. For example, Punjab was once thought of as a primarily Punjabi place. Today, Punjab is fusion of cultures and has welcomed people from different communities and walks of life. A principal community of this melting pot is the Bihari community.


Celebrating this ethnic diversity of Punjab, BIG MAGIC’s Raavi is all set to welcome a Bihari family into their midst. RavinderSadan will see a mother-daughter duo enter their small Punjabi community and add a little Bihari flavor to Raavi’s town. The entrance of this quirky family is sure to turn little Raavi’s world upside-down.


Catch all the fun at 7pm on BIG MAGIC’s show Raavi





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