Las Vegas, Nevada; January 13, 2013: Kevin Wilcox a.k.a. Big Wolf Pappa has been recording and performing original music for about 13 years, during which time he has developed his own one-of-a-kind style and lyrical content. Although he has been compared to some of the most creative rock artists of our time, Wilcox manages to breathe life into a rock genre that some would argue has stayed relatively stagnant for many years. Intelligent and philosophical, “Wasteland Days” draws from his pool of influence and delivers a sound that is as unapologetic as it is prolific.

Having come from an evangelical Christian background, Wilcox is attuned to the Christian world and warns that some of his content may be offensive to the truly devout. His deep lyrical content and willingness to address prevalent social topics is something that often stands out as anti-religion. And although this rhetoric is something that may alienate listeners, it stands out as a large part of Wilcox’s personal identity. Like many great artists, Wilcox’s form of art is meant as a canvas on which to paint a personal portrayal, regardless of whom it may slight.

Recorded in Germany, a place of temporary employment and residence for Wilcox, “Wasteland Days” represents an alternative rock and blues evolution backed by a heavy Americana influence. Having been created in a home studio, the album has a raw and unpolished feel, without lacking the mechanics of a good recording. “Wasteland Days” was record by Wilcox and co-producer Steven Mesropian.

During the next state of the musical endeavor of Big Wolf Pappa, Wilcox plans to promote his music throughout America’s west, mainly in the states of Nevada and California. “Wasteland Days” is currently available on iTunes as well as a number of other outlets for digital downloads. For more information on Big Wolf Pappa, his unique approach to conventional rock music, and his new album “Wasteland days”, visit his website at .

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