The senior Congress leader and MLA from Serilingampally, Andhra Pradesh, Shri Bikshapathi Yadav, has started a padayatra across the length and breadth of the constituency. He is accompanied by his protégé, Ravi Kumar Yadav, Youth Congress General Secretary of the state.

bhikshapathi yadav

The padayatra has received very good support of the people who have rallied behind their leaders in huge numbers. Bikshapathi Yadav, has been highly enthused by the support of the people. “Never have we forgotten our pledge to remain always attached to with the aam admi, to share their joys and sorrows and carry them along with us in our journey of create a better society where people can enjoy a good quality of life. We are now being paid for our hard work and I sincerely thank the people for their whole hearted support.”

bhikshapathi yadav

The first two days of the padayatra started around 9 am with a massive crowd cheering the participants by waving party flags and chanting slogans. Before the start, the leaders were formally greeted by the ladies who blessed them by smearing the traditional tilak on their foreheads and wishing success. People were seen in a festive mood, generally dressed in white kurta pyjamas and white caps. The crowd started swelling as the padayatra progressed through the constituency with scores of people joining it at every turn. The crowd on the second day was even larger with the slum dwellers joining in big numbers.

bhikshapathi yadav

The young and energetic Youth Congress Secretary of Hyderabad, Ravi Kumar Yadav talks about his experience. “I am at loss of words to express my gratitude for the support that the people have extended to the padayatra. It shows their confidence in us. It has put on us the huge responsibility to live up to their expectations.”

According to the latest reports, the third day of the padayatra started from Miyapur with equal enthusiasm.

“We have great faith in our leaders who have always remained rooted to the masses. They are like our brothers and have sincerely worked for the improvement of the conditions we live in,” remarked an elderly gentleman on the sidelines of the padayatra.

The Congress party will now try to consolidate this support and convert it into ballots in their favor during the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

About Bhikshapathi Yadav:

Bikshapathi Yadav, aged about 58 years, is an MLA of the Congress party from Serilingampally in Andhra Pradesh and is considered a people’s man due to his closeness to the masses. For more information, visit

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