has announced that they are appointing Bill Hubard as their new chief economist. Hubard has been a world-renowned financial expert since the early 70s. is anticipating positive changes across the board with the addition of Hubard to their team. Hubard has decades of experience in the financial sector. He began his career working as a bond trader and ended up teaching on the topic after his retirement.

Hubard is one of the most highly regarded people in the financial sector. In fact, he was responsible for making one of the first 30-year bond trades ever made. After his time spent working as a bond trader, he moved on to work in risk arbitrage/mortgage-backed securities.

Years later, in 1978, he partnered up with Bruce Maxwell to form MaxCor. MaxCor was one of the first established government repurchase brokers in New York. 10 years later, he relocated to London. Here, he was put in charge of the asset and liability group for the RZB-Austria company.

In 1985, he turned his focus towards teaching. He taught on many financial topics and eventually moved on into creating a series of training lectures that are still used today. These lectures were aired on Bloomberg TV, establishing him as an expert in the industry. He continued his appearances on CNBC-TV in Europe providing his expert opinion on economic issues. In 2007, he wrote and published his report entitled “Financialization of Commodities”.

Today, the semi-retired Bill Hubard still works in the finance sector. This is where the announcement of Hubard joining up with comes into play. As far as is concerned, there is no better addition that they could have found than to bring Hubard on to their team.

Hubard will act as a brand ambassador for the company. He will represent the brand on the various media networks that he continues to appear on. He will also work with the company to help users that join by putting together training videos, hosting seminars and providing one on one assistance. is a broker that specializes in CFD and Forex trading. They work with clients worldwide, providing them with a platform that allows them to trade round the clock. gives their customers the ability to trade in a variety of industries, including commodities and all of the major indices. You will also be able to trade from all major exchanges around the world on stocks, CFDs, and bonds through the platform.

Bill Hubard views this amount of flexibility with the types of assets that can be traded through this platform as a tremendous strength. He feels it will allow the company to grow in a number of areas once he is able to apply is experience and expertise to the platform.

He aims to bring his expertise to help new and existing users thrive in their investments through videos, tutoring, and editorials.

Together, the partnership between Hubard and is exciting news within the financial industry. Experts are eagerly awaiting what improvements Hubard will be able to bring to the platform. What was always known as a leading CFD trading platform, will soon see even more improvements in due time. has been working on bringing Hubard on to their team for a while now, and they are pleased to be able to say that their efforts will finally start paying off. There is no telling what exciting things the combination of Hubard and will bring to the table. Only time will tell.