Billboard Adz is a Los Angeles-based mobile billboard company specializing in cutting edge mobile billboards utilizing LED technology. The primary office is located at 10586 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064, (310) 999-6503.

For business owners and entrepreneurs in search of a more creative way to reach tens of thousands of potentially new customers every day, Billboard Adz is now offering mobile billboard advertising( services at affordable prices. A mobile billboard is simply a four-panel truck with an innovative marketing campaign boldly displayed on two sides utilizing high-resolution, multi-colored LED lighting. Billboard Adz employees will then drive the truck to specifically targeted areas of the Southern California area, increasing the customer’s brand name visibility by leaps and bounds.

The LED screens produce crystal clear imagery that is easily viewable from large distances and at close range. Billboard Adz also offers sound and motion picture capabilities to boost the effectiveness of the mobile billboard advertisingcampaign to the highest levels possible. The process begins by completing a simple online application. In many cases, the mobile billboards can be on the road the very same day.

In cases where the business owner needs some creative advice on the most effectivemarketing strategies, Billboard Adz has a team of advertising specialists to help the client every step of the way. They will help create the LED digital graphics and also develop a strategic marketing plan that will include the proper routes and best times of day to gain the largest number of potentially new customers.

The double-sided, high-resolution LED screens are perfectly legal and abide by all California traffic laws. While the vehicle is in motion, still imagery appears on the LED screens. When the truck is stationary, the motion picture and audio capabilities become operational. Customers can rent a single vehicle or an entire fleet. Through the innovative use of mobile billboard advertising, Billboard Adz helps business owners of Los Angeles to meet their marketing and advertising objectives more quickly and affordably than traditional static billboards.

About Billboard Adz
Billboard Adz is a creative marketing firm specializing in mobile billboards with LED technology based in Los Angeles, California. Information on the range of specialist procedures offered by Billboard Adz can be found on the company website or by contacting the team directly at (310) 999-6503. The primary office is located at 10586 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064.

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