Bio absorbable Stent — Boon to patients              

Bio Absorbable stent is the latest technological advancement in intervention cardiology.

Metallic stents were introduced almost 25 back and there was need for some advancement in terms of treatment of Arteries with Blockage. There were lot of developments among metallic stents starting from older generation stainless steel sent to cobalt alloy stent and then drug coated metallic Stents. Current generation metallic stents has made procedure so effective, easy and affordable that cardiologists are very comfortable with these stent. It is been observed that these stent show satisfactory results.

Scientist and Cardiologists always believed that stent is required temporally and as such after certain amount of time it is practically of no value. Drug coated stent release their drug in say 4 to 6 months mean while artery also gets in proper shape with the support of metallic stent. It was concluded in various studies that vessel requires support just for 6 months. Keeping this as basis lot of companies initiated projects some 20 years back that is soon after finding metallic stents.

Main purpose for developing absorbable stent was to improve long term outcome for patients as no metal is left behind. Benefit observed from experience across globe in 5 to 6 years data is very encouraging. Blood vessel retains its natural state and is available for its natural function. Absorbable stent reduces vessel irritation and inflammation. Vessel is available free for future treatment. It allows usage of Coronary CT Angiography.  Absorbable stents also reduces chances of prolonged dual anti platelet therapy.

Absorbable stents were introduced in India some 6 months back and in these six months around 5000 absorbable stents are used in India. Dr. Shilpesh Champaneria at Wockhardt Heart hospital was the first Intervention cardiologist to use this product in Surat. He has been following up his patients and they all seem to by fine, few of them have 5 to 6 months follow-ups also done.

Dr. Shilpesh Champaneria said that he excited about this product because Heart disease is progressive disease and these days they often see patients even with age between 20 to 30 years with heart attack. He added he being a young himself he understands the kind of responsibility and stress youngsters are having these days, due to which they develop heart disease. Absorbable stent is boon for them as their artery is free of metal in 2 to 3 years.

Stenting is not permanent solution to heart disease, as it is a progressive disease there are chances of re occurrence of heart attack in patient undergone angioplasty. If cardiologist places absorbable stent and even  if unfortunately patient comes again after few years with heart attack he is sure that vessel is free

from metal and he will be able to treat it as he treated it for the first time. For By — pass surgery it is very difficult for surgeon to put bypass graft in artery with metallic stent.

Currently available stent is made up of material called Poly Lactate which is commonly used in dissolvable stitches which we take on skin when we get cut.

Dr. Shilpesh said in one of the interesting studies presented recently in a European conference it was observed that patients who get a Biresorbable stent feel a lot better than those who get a metallic one. They have lesser complains of chest pain and feel a lot more energetic and healthy.

He said lot of long term studies are going on these stents and initial result are promising.     

There are almost 10 to 12 companies working on different types of absorbable stents and it is expected that in few years around 60 to 80 percent stents used would be absorbable stent.

Dr. Shilpesh  said one thing which is restricting his patient from getting absorb is the cost of product.  He has tried it in complex case and its initial result is acceptable.  Once the price of the product comes down he thinks he would be able to use it in more number of patients.  He said if patient can afford this product he feels patient should get this novel technology in his body.

He added even children today ask for latest technology mobile phone when offered, so it is quite wise to take mature decision when it comes to our health, health of our parents or relative.

Healthy lifestyle can reduce heart disease. Lot is discussed on healthy living. For youngster as Dr. Shilpesh Champanera  is,  feels stress is the key factor for heart disease and it is very difficult to stay stress free life in current competitive world however one should try and cut down his or her risk factors.

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