02, January 2015: According to a recent study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost a third of the American population suffers from obesity. Hence, it is unsurprising to witness the growth of the weight loss supplement industry and products introduced in the market on a daily basis. However, although a few weight loss supplements are effective in enhancing the weight loss process and delivering and overall fit physique, most supplements do more harm than good and ultimately give birth to serious complications. Thus, in a bid to create the safest weight loss supplement and allow individuals to enjoy the festive season, BioGanix has placed the Pure Forskolin on Amazon before Christmas. The manufacturer of the Pure Forskolin Extract claims users can eat as much as they want on Christmas Eve because of the benefits the forskolin plant provides. 

Pure Forskolin Extract — The Natural & Safe Solution 

Haunting the lives of almost 78.6 million people across the United States alone, obesity is a menace that can make the life of any average person highly depressing. Consequently, there is an urgent need to fight the battle against obesity and, in the process, attain healthier and fitter lifestyles. However, as many experts put it, exercising and following a healthy diet alone cannot result to weight loss. Instead, supporting the weight loss efforts by healthy supplements and herbs can eventually boost the weight loss process and keep the motivation levels of individuals high. Thus, with an aim to help individuals lose weight and maintain a healthy physique, BioGanix introduced the Pure Forskolin Extract. The company also seeks to promote the product in the holiday season by focusing all its marketing efforts around Christmas and the New Year’s Eve. In addition to having made the lives of over a thousand people all the more jolly in 2014, BioGanix also boldly claims that individuals can eat everything they wish to on Christmas without losing or gaining weight with the all new Pure Forskolin Extract. 

Scarlet, a satisfied user of Pure Forskolin quotes on Amazon “First off I am just a plain old normal overweight person with absolutely no formal training in dietary science or chemistry. I have been fighting the “battle of the bulge” and losing that war big time over the last 3 years. At the time I decided on buying this my weight was at an all-time high along with my blood pressure. I knew I had to do something. So I ordered this and prepared to wait for the big arrival date. Well it finally arrives (actually only waited 4 days). I decided to start out with the one a day to make sure my blood pressure or breathing problems didn’t react the wrong way. Well after the 1st week all was going great 2 pounds down, and no side effects or jittery feelings. So I increased it to the 2 a day and what an eye opener. Second week I lost another 3.5 pounds and felt like I could now start exercising some, so out came the tennis and I started walking. Slow at first but I was able to increase the distance by the end of the week and another 3 pounds gone”. 

She adds “Now this is the first real weight loss I have seen in the past 3 years. During that time I have gone on so many diets, you know the kind I mean, shakes, low carb, low calories etc. I would lose 2 pounds and the first real food I ate gain 4. Well this time it is all staying off. Now I know this is not a “diet pill” but something is helping me stick to eating only my meals and not wanting the candy and snacks. I know it hasn’t been but a short time. But when you see the scale going down you want to keep on trying and the more you do the more you lose. This has been the best thing I have ever used, and plan on keeping this up until I can once again wear a size 10 or even back into the size 5 I wore on my wedding day.” 

About BioGanix: 

Internationally acclaimed for producing weight loss supplements by using extracts of only natural herbs, BioGanix has become one of the leading producers of health care supplements. More information about the company can be found on its official business website. For more information about the Pure Forskolin and how it can help induce weight loss during the holidays, visit http://www.amazon.com/BioGanix-FORSKOLIN-Standardized-Inferior-Formulas/dp/B00LGSXBC4/ref=sr_1_24?ie=UTF8&qid=1409151546&sr=8-24&keywords=forskolin+250mg