18, December 2014: While looking mature is not bad, individuals do not like to look older than their actual age. Yet, several people continue to be troubled by early aging where their skins start to lose its glow with time. Early aging can be caused by a number of factors, some of which are almost unavoidable by a common person. However, with the all new Pure Phytoceramides now, BioGanix aims to put all forms of aging problems to bed. 

According to experts, there are two major forms of again: intrinsic aging and extrinsic aging. While the intrinsic form of aging comes naturally with age, external aging is caused by external factors such as extended exposure to the sun. Intrinsic aging comes slower to some and faster to others. In addition, signs of intrinsic aging, also known as natural aging, include hair loss, wrinkles, thin skin, dry skin, graying hair, and loss of underlying fat within the skin. Although intrinsic aging comes naturally, the problem can be curbed if dealt with properly at an early age. Moreover, signs of extrinsic aging include deep wrinkles, leathery skin, and age spots. In addition, contrary to popular belief, extrinsic aging too can be cured by undertaking the right measures. Thus, BioGanix aims to keep both intrinsic and external aging at bay with its all new and improved Pure Phytoceramides. 

BioGanix Phytoceramide Premium – Bring Back the Younger You 

Phytoceramides have been proven time and again by research to possess  natural anti-aging capabilities. According to the manufacturer of Pure Phytoceramides, the focus of the supplement is on repairing the skin from the inside. Highlights of the supplement include increased moisture levels within the skin and a boost of collagen within the skin cells. Therefore, with the Pure Phytoceramides, users have a product that can deal with even the toughest of aging problems. 

Mandy Pane, a delighted user of the Pure Phytoceramides by BioGanix, quotes “I am not a shill. I don’t work for this company, or any other company selling these pills. I am a 44 year old woman who, while accepting my age, is trying to fight the signs of it. I try to stay healthy inside and out, and I want my face to reflect how I feel. I’ve been using phytoceramides for several months. I’ve used both the gluten free rice formula at 40 mg and the wheat ones at 350mg. Honestly, I can’t tell you that either one works better or worse. There are studies claiming that this type, the rice formula, works better. But I’ve had simply amazing results with both so I can’t say.” 

She adds “What I can say is that I have been receiving comments and compliments from people who’ve known me for years. I also got asked for my ID at the airport for a Bloody Mary. When I joked that they must ask everyone she said “we have to ask anyone who looks under 35″. So yeah, I was good with that. I’ve been using this brand for several days and have experienced no problems or issues. The ingredients appear to be all good and I trust that I will continue getting the same great results I expect from phytoceramides” 

According to the manufacturer of the product, the power of Pure Phytoceramides is deprived immensely from its ingredients. Not only does the Pure Phytoceramides deal with natural aging, but it also acts as a shield against the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. Moreover, as natural aging comes faster to some people than it does to others, the manufacturer recommends the use of the Pure Phytoceramides from an early age to deal with the problem before it occurs. 

About BioGanix: 

A hardcore believer of natural ingredients, BioGanix has derived its aging solution from natural rice ceramides which puts away concerns regarding side effects. BioGanix is popularly known for churning out natural solutions for anti-aging and delivering results in a safe manner. For more information about the Pure Phytoceramide, visithttp://www.amazon.com/BioGanix-PHYTOCERAMIDES-Anti-Aging-Supplements-Clinically/dp/B00JDJK4PK/ref=sr_1_51?ie=UTF8&qid=undefined&sr=8-51&keywords=phytoceramides+capsules More information about BioGanix can be found on its official website