United States of America, 07 August, 2014: Many developing and developed countries undertake various public welfare programs and projects. Each of these initiatives is aimed at protecting the citizens from the financial risks and insecurities of life. There are some common offerings which include old age benefits, sick welfare benefits, funding for the widows, dependent survivors, programs for the unemployed people, financial assistance to the families of injured people etc. However, different countries adhere to different methods of financing and administration. The scope of benefits and coverage also vary depending upon the rules and regulations prevalent in various countries. 

BitcoinGuinness.org is a public development project aimed at connecting as many organizations and individuals as possible. It is receiving all round support and assistance from the globally active company Bitcoin Development Limited. The project is a combined effort of companies namely Bitcoin, Bitcoin Forum, Coindesk, Blockchain, Bitcoin magazine, bitcoinmining.com, Tradeblock, BitcoinFilm.org, we use coins and bitcoin charts. Bitcoin Guinness.org has made global announcement for events to celebrate five years of journey through ups and downs. Its parental support company Bitcoin Development Limited has announced a significant activity of applying for bitcoin guinness world records. BitcoinGuinness.org aims to gather fans and followers from all over the world through this internationally recognized platform. 

For the last five years, the company has worked tirelessly through challenges and succeeded in receiving support from all quarters. It focuses on achieving a new milestone while collaborating with Guinness World Records. Every bitcoin donator comes from diverse backgrounds and statuses. Three of the company’s projects are currently undergoing all round reviewing at the Guinness headquarters in Britain. BitcoinGuinness.org has been also powered by prominent international firms and government departments. It focuses on setting new standards for behavior of the encrypted digital currency. At same time, it would like to draft rules to support the government at countering criminal activities. 

As far as events are concerned, the company assures that the members who participated in G20 summit and APCS conferences are available this time around. These individuals will coordinate and plan for the International Summit of Global Encrypted Digital Currency. It will also concentrate on raising funds by hosting performances where internationally prominent personalities will be invited. The income generated by such initiatives will be used for venture capital projects and charitable funds to offer help to as many people as possible. Donation programs will be held in the different corners of the world. Any individual donating more than 0.01BTC will get a badge which is limited in offering. 

About BitcoinGuinness.org: 


BitcoinGuinness.org is world class social and public welfare program aimed at catering to different needs. It is aimed at gathering the support and assistance of all the bitcoin fans and followers throughout the world. People are free to make donations for the project.