Helping out websites and webmasters that cover Bitcoin events and prices, Bitcoinist has brought in the latest and attractively designed Bitcoin news widget and Bitcoin price widget. The widgets are customizable to fit into the specific requirements from the websites that want to increase both traffic and business.

Though the Bitcoin ecosystem is still very small, a lot of events take place in the community every day. A number of websites are providing coverage to the events taking place around the world; however, their major trouble is that many of them don’t have resources to cover every event. For such websites, the Bitcoin news widget from Bitcoinist can be a useful solution.

It saves both time and money for the website owners. At the same time, the widget presents the latest Bitcoin news for any trader or investor who is in any way engaged with Bitcoin. Similarly, the Bitcoin prices are extremely volatile; they went up to $1200 in October 2013 and then fell to below $200 the next year. Thus, the Bitcoin price widget from Bitcoinist lets websites keep track of the volatility and present an updated exchange rate to their visitors.

Evidently, for any trader or investor it is important to know the latest exchange rate. For such visitors, the website that provides the updated and latest exchange rates is of great help. At the same time, it provides huge potential for the website to reap the benefits of the huge traffic that comes searching the Bitcoin exchange rate.
Bitcoin News Widget and Price Widget Let Visitor See Everything at Once

Bitcoinist states that though widgets are pretty underrated, it must be understood that websites with fewer resources can benefit a lot from such a tool. The readymade — yet customizable — Bitcoin news widget can generate traffic and help the websites/webmasters build brands for their products or services. Moreover, as Bitcoinist itself is a renowned Bitcoin news website that attracts thousands of visitors daily, the websites that install the widgets could see substantial benefits.

Nonetheless, the Bitcoin news widget and Bitcoin price widget are a chunk of embeddable code that can be placed in any website, and are meant to help webmasters provide their users and visitors with the information they want. At the same time, these are the tools can be used to promote businesses, as a properly executed Bitcoin news widget can spread like wild fire. Additionally, the webmasters save a lot of time for their visitors, as they can get all their information at one place.

Last but not least, the new widgets from Bitcoinist provides sites with a source of one-way, inbound links. Bitcoinist, being a leading online portal for Bitcoin news, believes in win-win partnerships with webmasters; these widgets are aimed at that goal.

If you would like to use our great new widgets Just simply copy & paste the code to your website. Every website that adds the widget will be listed on our widget page!

Embed code for the price widget:

<div id=”btc_com_widget_container”></div>
<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

Embed code for the news widget:

<div id=”btc_com_widget_carousel”></div>
<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>