is unique new European Busines Directory.This project is created for the needs of global trade to make it easier the access to information and to help the growth and development of business on international level. strives to be especially useful to business helping to encrease sales and ensure the expansion of business abroad. comprises the databases of firms and shops in Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Danmark, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweeden, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belgium, Belorussia, France, Spain, Portugal and Ukraine and other European couintries. makes it possible to choose the necessary information,  you are interested in, according to the country or to the sphere of activity.It is much more convenient and saves your precious time while looking for necessary business data, contacts and services in other countries.

How did it happen appeared?

While socializing, cooperating or working with different people or companies, watching their methods of work, business start and expansion models, we have noticed that databases of potential clients are of the greatest importance.Nevertheless, in most cases  people are obliged to buy such data. While buying, you cannot know for certain  whether you will find the necessary partner. On the whole, you cannot know whoever/whatever you will get.What if it is the very beginning of your business and you do not have enough funds?... In other cases, you get the only one database of one country or of one branch of activity, etc.There is another problem—how a person is going to look for a database of a foreign country on the Internet in a foreign language? Besides, so far not all companies register themselves in other countries‘ databases; most often they announce about themselves in their own countries‘databases in their native language.It is not global, it is absolutely inconvenient—you lose your precious time that could be spent on other things.

We are doing our best to fully solve these problems, e. i. many new companies are registerring in our database in order to announce about themselves.Thus, we work in such a way that a supplier of goods and services could reach his client easier, and a client could find the goods and services, he is interested in, quickly.

What is most important— is free of charge for its users.

Recently BIZin brand expanded into Asian business directory and Latin American business directory

Submitted by: Jamie White
Company: Jamie PR
Email: [email protected]
New York, USA