October 29, 2013: Block sender, a tool for blocking email is helping millions of users block unwanted emails. Block Sender aids in blocking all future emails as well from a particular sender without any kind of complicated filter setup. The tool is easy to install and requires just one click. Users can remove the message and automatically setup a filter to never see messages from that sender ever again. Users can block unwanted newsletters or lists that cannot be unsubscribed from an uninvited sender.

When contacted, a representative of the company said, “Your time is valuable, block spam in one click, for good. The app is perfect when you are blocking one or two. Setup the filter once in Gmail, and you never see the messages again. They are deleted forever. The tool makes it easy when working in bulk.” He further added, “This app is perfect solution for questions including’ how to block an email address in Gmail’ and ‘how to stop unwanted emails.’ You can block them in one-click.”

According to the sources, some of the features the app offers include adding a simple “Block” button when reading a message and automatically setting up filters in one-click among others. The representative added, “The sender won’t know you aren’t seeing his messages.” Users can permanently delete messages or have them skip the inbox and Undo accidental blocks. Users also get the convenience of advanced Filtering by setting up filters to match the same subject. Block sender also has the feature of Flag future messages from the same domain and privacy of automatically creating a mailer-daemon “Mailbox doesn’t exist” error.

Users can perform an accidental block within moments and customize the settings for more flexibility. Users can also automatically archive invoices, newsletters, or automated messages and enable the smart Sender and Subject Block to only match future messages from the sender with the same subject line.

When contacted, Karl H, a user said, “The app is pure simple, it’s genius!” while Takemura Y, another user said, “It is a nice power-up for Gmail.”

About Blocksender extension

The Blocksender extension adds a Block button to every message a user reads. Users just need to press it once to activate the extension and remove the sender’s message while also blocking all future messages.

Contact Information:
Contact Person: Adan Vielma
Contact Number: +1 503 770-0171
Address: MSC #551 0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd,
Portland OR 97219
Email id: [email protected]
Website: http://blocksenderapp.com/