October 23, 2015, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca, United States- When it comes to Unofficial Minecraft Adventure Collections, where Humans battle with Withers, Mob Kings, Nether King, and Creatures from other dimensions, with the likes of Steve, Alex and Herobrine joining in, Christopher Craft is the name that comes first.

He has been a pioneering dominant force in the popularization of Minecraft stories that resonate well with the readers and fans of this unique genre.

There’s no doubt that fantasy has been a staple of the literary landscape with readers crying out for new worlds to explore. “BIome Wars Vol.2 - The Weaving Webs of War” by Christopher Craft is a perfect new gripping addition to this genre that uniquely fuses game with literature. In other words, it’s like a new world within the Minecraft world with an engaging story that will keep readers wanting for more. The drama and excitement in this new book will give readers a safe place to engage with fears, ambitions, and hopes.

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About The Author
Christopher Craft loves gaming! He has played a ton of them. He loves letting his imagination run wild when he is building in Minecraft or defending against attacks in Clash of Clans. He is a bestselling author who has penned down several books on this genre. All these amazing stories came about from things he would dream about and decided to share with the world. From Minecraft to Clash - From Angry Birds to League - there are no limits.

Blome Wars Vol. 2 - The Weaving Webs of War
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