A lot of people are having a tough time with the cables around their desk, computer, cell phone and TV. Now, the Blue Key World Cable Clips can fix this problem and will ensure that all cables are easily accessible, organized. These will help every individual have their USB cables, chargers, headphones and other accessory items they need by and at their own desk as it fits almost every cable!

Blue Key World’s Cable Clip is claimed as the elite cable clips available in the market today. Thanks to the long lasting and certified material of the cable clip, this eco-friendly cable organizer will help any person save money and time by increasing the life of their cables and freeing them from searching..

Perfect for all surfaces, easy to peel and stick, Blue Key World’s Cable Clips are easy to peel and stick. Whether a person has a rubber, metal, wood, plastic or wall surface the cable clip got it covered! There’s no need to use other tools. The clip organizer is an indigenous circular shaped clip that is made out of high-quality material, which is strong and durable for long term use.

Annete G, a satisfied user of Blue Key World — Cable Clips Organizer writes in her review: “This cable clip organizer works really well. The adhesive is very strong and doesn't pop off easily from any service. I have a new iPhone 6 and the charger port is a little bit smaller than others so I would suggest when sticking the cable clip organizer to a surface especially if you're going to use it on the side of your service to turn it sideways so that your cable will not slide out of that clip.it keeps my charger from falling to the floor and me having to search for it for that I love it.” Other testimonials from the cable clips can be found in https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Clips-Oganizer-Management-Adhesive/product-reviews/B00NVKHLP8/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_hist_5?ie=UTF8&filterByStar=five_star&reviewerType=avp_only_reviews

Blue Key World’s Cable Clips are no doubt compatible with almost cables. This denotes that one can utilize it even with the thinnest cables. Blue Key World is preparing the launch of a new product, Cable Sleeves that will complement the current cable clips, a release date will be announced in the next weeks. For more information about the Cable Clip Organizer, visit their Amazon page at https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Clips-Oganizer-Management-Adhesive/dp/B00NVKHLP8 . Other products form Blue Key World can be found in https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Key-World/pages/default?pageId=TO1ZEQ44681G9VI

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