Blue Key World’s Double Cable Clips have an increase in sales which proves high demand in the market. They have proven that a simple cable clip is capable of helping individuals at home and at offices. Blue Key World showed that simple things can give bigger results.

Blue Key World ( ) is a company that has been bringing essentials that are capable of making homes and offices looks organized. The founder of the company has experienced the inconveniences that wires bring especially to work. Because of this, he was able to create a product which will help in keeping all wires in place and will never be the cause of distractions.

The Blue Key World’s Double Cable Management Solution is capable of removing all the wires and other distracting items off desks. They hold the wire firmly avoiding them from slipping, the double cable clips are as well perfect for all types of surfaces. Its ease of usage is also one of the best things that users praise as it can be peeled and stick on the surfaces easily and in matter seconds. You can find intructions about how to use the double cable in

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