P.R. China, October 24, 2013: Blueshark Abrasives offers a complete range of abrasive and grinding discs that have wide applications in various industries such as stainless steel, metal fabrications, welding and foundry, railways and maintenance, repair and construction industries. The company is now offering improved quality abrasives solutions that can provide fast grinding and superb finish while reducing the chances of discoloration. 

The company maintains that their new grinding wheels are particularly more beneficial for the stainless steel industry where these can be used to eliminate chatter more efficiently while avoiding the chances of warpage. Today, in any industry, including stainless steel industry, maintaining the finest finishing has become very important for the manufacturers. And the new cutting and grinding discs introduced by Blueshark Abrasives are meant for offering great performance by reducing the operator fatigue. 

Their All-in-One ceramic superthin cutting discs are designed to offer smooth and chatter-free performance that is perfect for many types of industrial usage where a faster and spotless cutting is required. According to the company sources, these new cutting and grinding solutions have been developed keeping in mind the modern industrial requirements. “We have close relationships with many of our industrial customers and we deeply analyze their requirements and demands. We are very much confident that our new solutions will help meet their requirements in the best possible manner,” states the Chief Executive Officer of the company. 

These grinding wheels, cutting discs and Flap Discs are available in different standardized sizes and can be used in different industrial applications. All these discs have been designed for right angle grinding and thus offer faster cutting without creating any warpage. The company claims that these cutting and grinding tools serve the industrial cutting purposes of a wide variety of industries and thus they are soon going to receive huge demands from industries across the world. They are gearing up to meet the industry demand with enhanced production capabilities and an improved global shipment mechanism. 

With these new cutting and grinding solutions, Blueshark Abrasives intends to enter new markets to increase its market share. To know more about new and improved solutions, welcome visit their website www.abrasives-wheel.com . 

About China Blueshark Abrasives Co. Ltd 

Blueshark is one of the leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of Cut off and grinding Disc, grinding Wheels, flap disc, sanding discs, and bonded and coated abrasives. The company offers complete Abrasives Solutions to several industries to help them improve the quality of their manufacturing output. 

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