Leman Capital Management Ltd announced the appointment of Alexander Schnieders as Investor Relations Director effective March 1st, 2017. Mr. Schnieders succeeds Leon Masse, who will leave the Firm.

Leman Capital Management Ltd honors, acknowledges and celebrates Mr. Leon Masse for his irreplaceable contributions toward building and sustaining extraordinary investor relationships for over 3 years.

"Masse’s extensive experience as an investor relations specialist, his leadership position and his wide-ranging professional experience enabled him to serve the Firm well and lead it boldly into a more prominent role," said Daniel Leman, Managing Director of the Firm.

Schnieders, who is an investment banking professional, joins Leman with a 18 year career in financial services, holding senior sales management positions at some of the top firms in the industry.

"Alexander Schnieders brings vision, passion and drive to the Investor Relations team of Leman Capital Management," Leman added. "He is a dynamic and proven leader and an efficient manager."

"I am honored to have been appointed as Leman Capital's new Director of Investor Relations. Along with our outstanding management team and a loyal group of dedicated associates, I am committed to continue driving and executing the growth strategy into this next chapter of the Firm," said Alexander Schnieders.

Mr. Alexander Schnieders expressed confidence in the board and direction of the company. "These individuals are of high moral character, sound judgment, and have outstanding life skills. All board members except for Nicole Leman, are shareholders. Together with the management team at Leman Capital Management, we will guide Leman Capital into a new generation of prosperity and success," said Mr. Schnieders.

Schnieders, who is 50 years old, is married and is the father of two adult daughters.

About Leman Capital

Leman Capital Management Ltd. is a BVI-based investment management firm. As of January 1, 2017, Leman Capital Management manages over US $100 million on behalf of more than 400 clients across the world.

Leman Capital is prudently exploring tomorrow's opportunities today using machine learning, distributed computing and many other technologies that work with tremendous amounts of data from hundreds of different data sources.

Leman's investment approach is designed as a combination of a proven technology platform, stringent fundamental research and advanced quantitative analysis.

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