Boca Raton, FL; 08, October 2015: A styling salon on Florida’s southern Atlantic coast is donating 50 percent of its proceeds in October to charities that fund the fight against breast cancer and help those fighting it.

Salon Sora owner Frank Marino said he’s personally seen too many people develop breast cancer. While most of those also survived, a few lost the fight. Losing one person to breast cancer is too many, he said.

“We will beat breast cancer. Just in my lifetime, we have made huge advances in treatment. But this work takes money,” he said. “Salon Sora is committed to this fight and we are signing up for the front lines. Fifty percent of our proceeds in October will go toward breast cancer related charities.”

Marino said the Boca Raton community has been more than good to him and Salon Sora. This is one way he is able to give back, he said.

We’re not only donating money, but we are invested in this year-round. When one of our clients comes in with a breast cancer diagnosis, we step it up. We take extra time. We do more. We make sure that person knows that have support, friends and even family who are right there with them,” he said.

Marino said he hopes Salon Sora’s decision to give 50 percent of the October proceeds to breast cancer charities will inspire other businesses to do the same.

“It does not matter what kind of business it is. We’re a salon. But any business can help. Grocery stores can make a different. Gas stations can get invested in this fight,” he said. “Everyone knows a person who’s been affected by breast cancer. Too many of us have family members who had this dread disease. I still say we can and will beat breast cancer.”

For more information on how to support breast cancer charities or what Salon Sora is doing, call 561-338-7597.

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