EASTHAMPTON, Massachusetts — September 26, 2013: The Management Training Institute is pleased to announce that Managing FromThe Inside Out written by Jim Hornickel, author, CEO and Director of The Management Training Institute, has just completed its third year of publication. Since the book’s release Bold New Directions has seen increased global interest in its Management Training Institute and management training seminars.

Written for hands-on managers, this management training guide provides insights and practical information about a unique and highly effective brand of management that Hornickel has named Managing From The Inside Out. Covering 16 essential pathways to building positive relationships with staff, Hornickel provides timeless wisdom, examples, and reflective exercises to help managers and management teams grow their productivity, effectiveness and morale. This wisdom has become key components of the management training seminars provided by Bold New Directions and its Management Training Institute.

At the heart of Managing From The Inside Out are Hornickel’s conviction and real life observations that when leaders deepen their understanding of themselves as managers, as well as their understanding of the people they manage, they are more successful in inspiring their staff to greater levels of performance and satisfaction. Heightened self-awareness and the ability to build solid relationships are key skills that can grow with management training and are essential to enhancing effectiveness and making lasting organizational change.

According to Hornickel, success in management rests on developing many of the same traits and attitudes that lead people to live conscious and fulfilling lives in the workplace and outside of it. For instance, in his chapter on “Curiosity” Hornickel illustrates how being sincerely curious and asking open ended questions in a nonjudgmental way is the best path that managers can take with their team to explore situations and uncover innovative ideas and solutions. However, many managers from the novice to the experienced, require an intensive management training course to really develop a management skill such as curiosity for everyday use.

After attending the new management training seminar, Management Success, based on Jim Hornickel’s book, one supervisor had this to say: “The way Jim reminds us of the connections of our feelings, judgments, past experiences with our actions is very practical and simple, more so than with the techniques that I have experienced through other management training seminars. Approaching even the most difficult situations with employees with open curiosity has already started to change the way I approach being a manager. I applaud the way that curiosity has been explored in this management training course”.

To name just a few of the happenings that have taken place since the book’s publication…

* Bold New Directions has experienced heightened interest in its management training course and management training seminars from U.S. and international corporations and nonprofits.
* In particular, there has been an uptake in requests for Bold New Directions’ Management Training programs at companies with multiple management groups. For instance, in its recent work with a large Communications company, Bold New Directions customized its management training to meet the needs of groups of managers at different levels (senior and midlevel). In addition, management seminars took place at the company sites in both northern and southern California so that its management training could be further tailored to the needs of managers dealing in different business environments and markets.
* As a result of the positive interest generated by Managing From The Inside Out, Bold New Directions has brought out a new model of management training, called Management Success, based on Hornickel’s approach to management skills training.
* Hornickel has been asked by Wiley Publishing to write another book soon to be released called Negotiating Success.

With more than 25 years of experience in progressively senior management roles, Jim Hornickel has successfully used the “Managing From The Inside Out” approach in his management training with Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions and non-profits in Canada, USA, and overseas. Hornickel’s approach to management is at the core of many of Bold New Direction’s management training programs and management training seminars. The book’s powerful content accompanied by workbook style activities lets everyone interested in leadership learn and practice new attitudes, perspectives and techniques that will yield fast and positive results.

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