Easthampton, MA, January 12, 2015 — Bold New Directions targets key cities throughout the USA for delivery of their presentation skills training courses.

"We have honed the delivery of our flagship presentation skills training course, called Powerful Presentations, and identified key cities throughout the US for delivery of this experiential program. “This presentation skills seminar meets the needs of professionals in major metropolitan areas nationwide” announced Jim Hornickel, Director of Training and Delivery at Bold New Directions. ”We are delighted with the positive response from corporate clients on the east coast in Boston, Philadelphia and New York areas, where we’ve delivered our presentation training course for some time. As a result, we have recently decided to target key cities across the US for delivery of our Presentation Skills Training Course. This allows us to meet the presentation skills training needs of companies in cities spanning several time zones, such as San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia," Mr. Hornickel added. This expansion makes sense as we are seeing repeated interest for presentation skills training from organizations in cities with healthy and growing economies.

According to Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Learning at Bold New Directions, presenting effectively is a skill that needs to be taught through expert presentation skills training. Most of us would benefit from a presentation training course early in our career. However, even if you have taken a presentation training course in the past, you can’t overlook the importance of regular upgrades to your presentation skill level as your responsibilities at work evolve. Presentation skills require ongoing development as most professionals will take on new roles as they mature throughout their careers. Our executive presentation skills trainings are designed exclusively for executives who wish to further hone their skills and impact their careers positively. “We know that effective presentation skills are fundamental to almost every role in a company so it’s a wise decision for companies to source out expert presentation skills training.” she adds. From novice to executive status, presentation skills training are an essential component of a healthy and productive career. The organization of onsite presentation skills training courses is now made even easier by our expanded faculty and ability to serve key cities across the US.

Even a modest investment in a presentation skills training course shows return right away”, says Ms. Guthrie. For example, a recent presentation skills training client on the East Coast found that their sales reps closed 15% more sales after growing their presentation confidence via our experiential presentation skills training seminar. “This same company wanted to ensure that sales reps at their other offices throughout the country got the same type of presentation skills training because it impacted the company’s bottom line so strongly. So our expert Instructors delivered a two day presentation skills training course that included digital recordings to help the reps see both their shortcomings and strengths. Using individual presentation skills coaching and presentation skills training, we worked with each rep individually to ensure they delivered a concise and powerful presentation” affirmed Ms. Guthrie.

Bold New Directions specializes in helping professionals grow their business communication and presentation skills. “We have delivered many experiential presentation skills training courses to large firms that have offices strategically based throughout North America. These include Merck, Ethicon, Microsoft and more. But we are not focused exclusively on large corporations”. They also support smaller firms in growing presentation skills. “We have worked with many small companies to provide presentation skills training courses for their staff and management teams that transform confidence and deliver results”, confirms Ms. Guthrie.

Jim Hornickel notes “We have received exceptional feedback about each presentation skills training seminar we provide. Our presentation skills training seminars include Powerful Presentations, Executive Presentations, and Business Communication and Presentations. “Each presentation skills training course is designed to help professionals perform better in meetings, discussions and negotiations”, confirms Ms. Guthrie.

About Bold New Directions
Established as a global learning company, Bold New Directions and its affiliate The Presentation Training Institute, provide presentation skills training solutions such as the flagship presentation skills training course called Powerful Presentations. These presentation skills training courses transform the way employees perform at work. Whether you are looking for an onsite presentation skills training course in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta or elsewhere in the US, you can request an onsite presentation skills training session at your location. To arrange for presentation skills training course please contact us at 1-800-501-1245. Or to learn more about the presentation skills training course available through Bold New Directions click here: http://www.boldnewdirections.com