Easthampton MA, December 1, 2015 — Do you have a team of new managers or supervisors? Perhaps you have a team that is not new, but has never had any formal management training. Bold New Directions, a global training and coaching organization recommends their key program, Management Essentials as a great foundation for management training. Management Essentials is a specialized, skills based Management Training Seminar that will address the basics of management 101 as well as explore your own leadership style. “This is a great training for those new to leadership roles as well as those who have not had the opportunity to experience formal and professional management training” states Training Coordinator, Lauren O’Boyle.

Becoming a new supervisor, while an honor, can also be a challenge if your skill set is lacking. Managing and leading require both hard and soft skills which is why our program Management Essentials addresses both. Learning a new skill set through an onsite Management Training Seminar such as Management Essentials will put you in a prime position for success as a new manager. If you are not new, this course may open your eyes to an entire new approach to managing and leading your team. Director of Learning Solutions Suzanne Guthrie comments, “An interactive and experiential Management Training program such as Management Essentials will set a strong foundation for new and existing managers and allow them to become confident leaders within their organizations.” She also states, “A foundational management training program will continue to serve new and veteran managers for years to come because we encourage growth and evolution as well as skill building.”Our results are proven time and again with every insight learned and skill gained. “Through Management Training Seminars such as Management Essentials, we are developing conscientious, attentive and self-aware Managers and Leaders” states Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Learning Solutions.

About Bold New Directions
Established as a global learning company Bold New Directions involves participants in experiential management training seminars that transform the way participants perform at work. To learn more about the onsite management training seminars available for your staff please visit our website at http://www.boldnewdirections.com or call us at 1-800-501-1245.