Easthampton MA, September 1, 2015 - “We continue to strengthen our training partnership with a global IT company and are pleased to have secured a presentation training seminar in London this Fall with employees from all over Europe” states Training Coordinator Lauren O’Boyle.

Bold New Directions has expanded delivery of their presentation skills trainings based on the positive response we continue to receive from corporate clients in the US who have offices around the Globe. Director of Learning Solutions, Suzanne Guthrie adds “presentation skills are incredibly valuable in the corporate world, are our focus is to offer solid skills through instruction, practice and feedback. These skills will allow the participants to thrive in a competitive market.”

Bold New Directions’ key presentation skills seminar, Powerful Presentations is an experiential program that guides participants through levels of skills discovery and mastery throughout the course of this one or two day program. Through the use of video recording, participants are able to practice new skills on camera and receive individualized feedback from our expert Instructors.

“The presentation training seminar we have designed for our upcoming session in London is geared toward new employees who are in need of basic presentation skills training” states Training Coordinator, Lauren O’Boyle. “We will focus on structuring a strong message and key delivery skills such as pitch, projection and stance” she adds. Ms O’Boyle notes “our Instructors love working with inexperienced participants, because there is so much to learn and it’s rewarding to see them gain presentation skills and put them to use through practice. They especially enjoy those participants who overcome their initial shyness or lack of confidence to discover that they are quite adept at giving presentations” she adds.

Increased and improved presentation skills will not only boost confidence but also give the participants a leg up against the competition. “The presentation training seminars offered by Bold New Directions really prepare employees to take new skills to great heights in their careers” states co-founder Jim Hornickel.

The two day agenda for our presentation training seminar, Powerful Presentations offers expanded content and more time for participants to practice and receive feedback. The class will learn how to boost audience engagement, use visual aids and respond to tough questions in addition to all the basics delivered in day one of this experiential presentation skills seminar.

Presentation training seminars like our Powerful Presentations or Powerful Sales Presentations are essential if your role requires you to make presentations of any kind. Whether you are providing information and data or making a detailed sales pitch, the experts at Bold New Directions can tailor an agenda to meet your specific presentation skills training needs.

About Bold New Directions
Established as a global learning company, Bold New Directions strives to involve participants in experiential courses that transform the way they perform at work. Its diverse client base consists of banking, health care, financial services, technology, manufacturing and higher education.

To learn more about the Bold New Directions (http://www.boldnewdirections.com/) and their Presentation training Boston and presentation training Seattle initiatives, please visit www.presentationtraininginstitute.com or call 1-800-501-1245.