Louisville — Books, Authors, and Artists have just released a large print edition of Thrice Told Tales to cater to the needs of their wide readership.

Not many small-press publishers take steps to develop printed books accessible to readers with sight challenges. Of course, electronic readers can, in some cases, replace large-print books but it is not always possible, especially if the reader still favors paperbacks over ebooks.

Astrid Gay, book publicist for Books, Authors, and Artists, says, “We were approached a few times about creating large-print editions of some of our titles. To be fair, the idea had not crossed our mind until then. But, we thought, this sounds very helpful.”

“This is obviously a bit of an experiment for us. Producing a large-print edition is not necessarily costly, but it is time-consuming. However, we feel that many readers will benefit from it. We’ve chosen Thrice Told Tales as it is a title that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.”

Thrice Told Tales is a compilation of old folk tales from around the world, gathered on travels with added narrative to enhance the story line by Readers’ Favorite Award finalist, Karl F. Hollenbach. It was published last year by BAA.

With the arrival of the large-print edition, the original manuscript has had to be corrected so that both editions match. Both the original and large-print editions are available from Amazon and CreateSpace.

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