Boom Ideanet is a company that offers a new perspective to crowdsourcing. It supports the creative departments of various ad agencies on their new as well as existing projects. It acts as an accelerator in areas where the chief requirement is expertise and experience. 

It is a general perception that the advertising industry has not been able to utilize crowdsourcing for its benefit. However, the right models of crowdsourcing always complement any advertising agency. Boom Ideanet is one such model which does not work against any advertising agency. Very recently, Boom Ideanet has been plugged into the creative department of Bernstein-Rein, a renowned ad agency. 

The managing director of Boom Ideanet, Mr. Steve Wood recently said that they consider the model to be ideal for all advertising agencies. He added that by utilizing Boom Ideanet, agencies do not have to keep staffing up to maintain an efficient flow of work in their organization. Wood also said that whenever an agency needs fresh ideas on overflowing projects from current clients all they need to do is plug into the Ideanet to access the novel ideas and meticulous thinking. Directory submission can also help advertising agencies in reaching their goals. 

For the agencies who have a small creative staff and which utilize outsourcing as a means to complete their special projects, the crowdsourcing model offered Boom Ideanet serves as an instant department dedicated solely to creative thinking. 

Boom Ideanet specializes in providing its customers with fresh ideas related to marketing and advertising. One can go to to find out more about implementing these brand new ideas.