09, December 2014: Bourgeon is offering a series of training and Theta Healing session in the months of November and December. On November 20th 2014, Bourgeon will be holding a Gratitude Meditation Evening. Participants are invited to join for healing music with singing bowls, Theta Healing Meditation and energy clearing. Here the participants will discover one of the most effective and life changing forms of energy healing and personal development. As a group the participants will be releasing the inner energy, pain, regrets and resentments and opening the heart to get more love from divine source.

On 29th November 2014 an Emerging Leaders seminar will be taking place in London. The event will be hosted by renowned world class business coach and trainer John Kanary. Here the participants will discover strategies and tools that will take their careers to the next level of achievement

From November 28th 2014 to 30th in Brighton, Bourgeon will be offering a three day course which is aimed at transforming and empowering individual. From 3rd to 5th December a similar event will be held in London. In this training the participants will be helped to discover amazing potential within themselves as they become aware of the power of their thoughts and how to instantly change them to help create reality. This training will earn the participant a certificate where they can become practitioners in Theta Healing. The course is normally taken by anyone who would like to venture into Theta healing. The course is basically aimed at helping in changing life patterns.

Bourgeon is a team of holistic practitioners and teachers who have a shared vision from United Kingdom and around the world. The team aims at helping the clients grow and flourish, assists them with their dreams and desires for better health, improved life balance, loving relationships, successful careers and discovering their life’s purpose.

Through this collaboration Bourgeon is able to empower many people with various tools and resources. The combined knowledge and power offers the client a unique advantage of choice in transformational journey, along with an exceptionally high standard of service.

Bourgeon was created in 2004, by Anna Kitney who is now the Director, Founder and Theta Healing Master Practitioner and Teacher. Bourgeon has evolved greatly during since then. What began as a journey into research and training of nutrition and wellness through effective and powerful supplementation has now grown and developed to combine personal development training, emotional healing, spiritual awakening and holistic therapies around the world.

The team has a growing list of teachers and practitioners, each with unique talents, training and background. They all work with a common goal in mind, to help others to grow and flourish.

Many of the students and clients have amazing stories to tell, of profound transformation and change in their life. They have been willing to let go of the past, forgive and truly love themselves, and now look forward to a better future without fear, obstacles and self-sabotage.

Bourgeon offers certified and accredited Theta Healing Training course in London, they also travel in other parts of United Kingdom as well as around the world. The team transverses different parts of the world offering Theta healing sessions, giving accurate intuitive reading, house clearing, therapy coaching